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Custodial Appreciation Day

by talkupaps

by Britney Morgan, Communications Officer

Toya Roberts has a Big Heart and Humble Spirit

This is the second school year for Toya Roberts, custodian at Burgess-Peterson Elementary.  With a very pleasant and somewhat bashful personality, Mr. Roberts didn’t say much during his interview, but the teachers and staff at Burgess Peterson had plenty to say. The front office personnel, Charlotte Holloway-Brown and Kim Smith, expressed their appreciation for Mr. Roberts— calling him a blessing to their school and commending him for the pride he has in his work. “There are a lot of words I could use to describe him, but the one word that fits is humble. He is such a humble person,” said Brown.

As Mr. Roberts walked through the hallways, it was obvious he had a great relationship with the teachers, staff and students. They all greeted him with hello, thank you, and of course some threw in a few requests as well. Fairly new to the position, he has made quite an impression, and teachers and staff members were quick to praise him as an asset to the school.

“Whatever you need he will get it done,” “he has a great attitude,” “he’s such a humble person” and “he’s great with the kids,” are the compliments that the staff use to describe Mr. Roberts.

He gets to work early and stays late, he’s proactive in his efforts, and he never forgets a request. “He may not get your classroom right then, but he will get to you,” explained another staff member that we passed walking through the halls.

He understands that he too can have a positive impact on the lives of students. He currently mentors a student who attends Burgess-Peterson.

In his spare time, Mr. Roberts plays basketball, shoots pool and jogs. He says that he loves his job because the teachers, staff and students treat him like family. When asked if there was anything else that he would like to share, he simply stated with a huge smile, “Burgess-Peterson is the best school in the Atlanta Public Schools system. ”

Principal Robin Robbins shares his sense of pride.  “As we celebrate National Custodian Day, Mr. Roberts is definitely one to be celebrated! What a great asset to our school and school district,” said Robbins.

If you see Mr. Roberts or any other custodian be sure you express your appreciation for all that they do.  They are one of the many important teachers outside the classroom who are helping to prepare our students for college and career success.


Atlanta Public Schools Appreciates Roy Talley 

Roy Talley has been with Atlanta Public Schools for 17 years.  He’s worked at Capital View Elementary, Benjamin E. Mays and is currently the head custodian at Forrest Hill Academy.

He said what he loves most about his job is the children. “Sometimes they come to me for advice,and I gladly give it to them,” said Talley.  “I just want to make sure that I help keep them in a clean environment to learn in.”
Talley’s manager, David Cooper, said that he can always count on him. “Roy has been a trooper during my seven years of managing him. He has been one of the most dedicated and consistent employees I’ve had,” explained Cooper.
Mr. Talley looks forward to coming to work each day and doing a good job. His enthusiasm is evident in his willingness to help outside of his work hours, “Not only does he do a great job of addressing teacher, student and staff needs, but he’s always quick to volunteer and work overtime. Whether it be for different programs at other schools or being a part of the painting team during the summer to help prepare for Day One,” said Cooper.
Even though Mr. Talley puts in additional hours, he does manage to find some free time. He enjoys reading on his down time and is now getting ready to join a book club. When asked if there was anything else that he would like to share he adds: “ I look forward to coming to work each day and doing a good job”.
29 Years and counting-Meet Ruby Walker of Therrell High School 
Celebrating 29 years with one organization speaks volumes about an individual. APS custodian Ruby Walker knows that she is rare and she appreciates the fact that she’s been able to establish a great career in Atlanta Public Schools. She started her career at Douglass High School in the‘80s where she spent 16 years.  Since then she’s worked at four other schools including West ManorElementary, Deerwood Academy, and Benjamin E. Mays.  She is now at D.M. Therrell. 
What she loves most about her job is coming to work, knowing that she is going to see and work with nice people. She says the students treat her with the upmost respect. “They treat me like their mother. Some call me auntie, some call me granny,” explained Walker.  She takes pride in keeping the halls clean and the school presentable. Her daily workload consists of maintaining the cleanliness of the cafeteria and bathrooms, but one thing she takes seriously are the hallways. “I like to be on my hallways every time the bell rings. The kids like to eat candy and junk food, and I just want to make sure the halls stay clean,” said Walker.
Ms. Walker says her faith gives her the strength to continue to get up, go to work, and do a good job every day. In her free time, Ms. Walker likes to travel.  When asked if there is anything else she would like to share, she said “I’d like to thank APS for allowing me to work as long as I have worked.” If you see Ms. Walker or any of our other custodians tell them how much you appreciate them and all that they do.  Our district cannot successfully prepare students for a bright future without them.


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