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Woodson’s first principal delighted and encouraged by Target’s School Library Makeover

by talkupaps

Forty years after Margaret Jacobs first walked into Carter G. Woodson as the school’s first principal, the retired educator re-entered those same double-doors to witness the unveiling of the newly renovated media

Former Woodson principal, Margaret Jacobs, believes Target’s generosity sends a positive message to the entire Woodson community family.

center.  The November 2 ribbon cutting ceremony attracted parents, APS administrators and Woodson community members and business partners.

“This is beautiful—absolutely beautiful,” said Jacobs, who was clearly impressed as she inspected the library’s new books, shelves, painted walls and wall hangings.

The $100,000 renovation is part of the Target School Library Makeover program, in partnership with The Heart of America Foundation.  As part of the program Target donated 2,000 new books, larger space with new carpet, furniture and technology, and seven new books for each student to take home.

Target volunteers also painted pictures on hallway walls, enhanced the school grounds and had fun with Woodson students as the children tested the new media center computers and iPads.

A volunteer paints an image from The Very Hungry Caterpillar on a hallway wall

Jacobs said she was delighted to see so many individuals contributing to create a positive learning environment at the school she helped start, and she was encouraged to learn that Target had given Woodson—and by extension the Woodson community family—such a generous donation. She believes Target’s investment in the school has implications that extend beyond the school walls.

“This is the kind of thing this community needs, “ said Jacobs.

“It shows the students, the parents and the community that others care about what is happening here, and they really do want our students to succeed. It lets them know that they aren’t forgotten.”

Atlanta Public Schools Associate Superintendent Steve Smith, Target Store Manager Donna Stalter and school board members Byron Amos and Brenda Muhammad also attended the ribbon cutting and shared Jacobs’ sentiments that Target’s investment was much more than computers and library books.

Atlanta Board of Education vice-chair and district two representative Byron Amos said, “This is evidence that when the district, the city of Atlanta and our partners come together, we can do amazing things.  Just look at how much these kids are enjoying this.  This is

A Woodson student teaches a volunteer how to use an iPad.

something they will always remember. ”

Jacobs’ former student, Portia Jordan also attended the event.  Jordan works for the H.J. Russell Company as a project manager.  The company oversaw the construction aspect of the makeover, and Jordan says she was proud to be part of the process.

“To see the excitement on the kids’ faces and see the process unfold from beginning to end, and to be in a position to give back—I’m just very blessed,” Jordan stated.

“I was here in 1985, and the way it looked when I walked in before we started the construction, is exactly how it looked back then,” she added.

Principal Jacobs looked on proudly as the newest generation of Woodson students filed into the library with thrill and awe illuminating their smiles.

Bullseye, the Target Mascot, shares a hug with a Woodson second grader.  

“I think that the new library is so beautiful and so practical for small children.  And I am grateful to have the opportunity to come back and visit Carter G. Woodson,” Jacobs said.

Target has renovated 118 school libraries through the library makeover program since 2007. 

The new look of the Woodson media center.

Woodson’s “Wall of Fame” includes images of President Obama, Albert Einstein and students honored as “Heroes of the Heart” during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Barbara Stephens-Stringer 5 Dec 2012 - 1:23 am

I had an opportunity to meet with Ms Mesha Greene(Principal) at Fain elementary school and found her to be a class “A “Principal. In my opinion, she is driven to building and retaining links with parents and local communities to raise aspirations and ambitions for children in her school. Ms Green seem to support learning strategies that encouraged good ideas into the classroom from external source. Additionally, I sense she believes in providing clear vision and direction that focus on improving the conditions for learning and developing the school as a professional learning community. I feel she deserves nomination for Principal of the year award.

Barbara Stephens-Stringer
APS certified substitute teacher

Barbara Stephens-Stringer 5 Dec 2012 - 12:39 am

Dr. Susan Crim McClendon is an outstanding school Leader. She insists on excellence in the quality of classroom teaching, and has systems in place to assess strengths and weaknesses of all the teaching staff. Additionally, Dr. McClendon provides a clear vision and direction for improving teaching and learning utilizing .professional learning communities. In my opinion, Dr. McClendon deserves the Principal of the year award. I am proud to work with this outstanding school leader.

Barbara Stephens-Stringer
APS certified substitute teacher


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