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IamAPS: Belle Williams

by Thomas Scott

I am APS is a special series highlighting students, faculty, alumni, and others in celebration of the rich and diverse experiences, backgrounds and contributions within the Atlanta Public Schools family. Together, we stand in solidarity of our shared admiration of APS and the mission which guides us.

Belle Williams, the freshman class president at Booker T. Washington High School, was immediately ready to take advantage of everything high school has to offer.

After starting middle school during the pandemic, being able to start high school in-person is a fresh new beginning for a student like Williams, who relishes the many opportunities that await her.

Williams shared how her first year in high school is going and what she’s looking forward to for the rest of her high school career.

Q: How have the first few months of high school been?

A: I really like high school. I started my middle school years in quarantine, so getting to start new and start fresh with a new GPA, new friends, new teachers, that was really cool starting a new year and actually being in school not on Zoom.

I really like the opportunities that I’m allowed here. I like what I’m exposed to. There are so many things I can do and say yes to, so many things I can say no to, which is awesome.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a student?

A: I would say I’m a mix of all of those profiles of a graduate. I may be giving myself too much credit, but I’m going to go for it. As a critical thinker and problem solver, that definitely ties into SGA. You have so many people telling you, ‘I don’t like this. I don’t like that. I kind of like that, but we can do this.’ And you have to put all of those problems and ideas together to create.

Academically, I’m very driven. I know if I fall off academically, everything else will fall as well. I think that makes me more driven and apply myself more to my goals.

I ask my teachers everything. They’ll all tell you I’m very curious. I’m very resourceful as well. At Washington, every teacher, faculty member will help you and get you what you need. When you come here, it’s a very open community. We’re a tight-knit community as well, but we’re open to everyone who comes in. Having these faculty and staff members who will help you when you need them has been key to being more resourceful.

Q: What does it mean for you to represent your freshman class?

A: It means a lot because kids are so opinionated these days. So winning their vote was great. My favorite part about it was campaigning. I really liked being able to meet a lot of people, but also as class president since I’m their voice and their representative, I have to ask them what they want for this school to be. It exposed me to meeting new people.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about Washington High School?

A: My favorite part of school is the community and my friends. We get our work done and we have fun.

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