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#APSRace2Read Update: 15 Schools Have Crossed the New Finish Line!

by talkupaps

With 7,027,146-plus minutes read and logged, we are currently at 54 percent of our new #APSRace2Read goal of 13.1 million minutes. Fifteen of our schools have crossed the finished line, our readers have collectively earned 39,574 badges, and we have logged more than 262,626 minutes in the past two weeks!

#APSRace2Read will continue through the summer, but not before we acknowledge those who have made this districtwide reading challenge a success this school year.

On May 17, the #APSRace2Read Prize Patrol squad will deliver bikes, Chipotle coupons, Chick-fil-A gift cards, toys, and swag bags to our top student readers and top schools! (We’re also tweeting pictures and tagging schools!)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to award your students for their participation in this districtwide reading challenge. Please continue to read and log your minutes.

Crossed the Finished Line

Members of our community join the following 15 schools in crossing the finishing line –surpassing individual school and community site goals!

SchoolNew Goal (based on 13.1 million district goal)Minutes Read and LoggedBonusMinutes
Morris Brandon Elementary311,085499,452188,367
John Lewis Invictus Academy95,530263,988168,458
Garden Hills Elementary161,054293,508132,454
Springdale Park Elementary216,474324,380107,906
Miles Elementary201,471271,54970,078
Humphries Elementary96,755154,32357,568
Deerwood Academy209,125246,95037,825
C.W. Long Middle217,392250,47833,086
Toomer Elementary153,093180,81327,720
Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy203,308227,42324,115
Morningside Elementary285,672302,90017,228
Finch Elementary159,217173,62114,404
Heritage Academy148,807162,54613,739
Boyd Elementary147,888153,8595,971
Benteen Elementary91,24492,189945
Community Site100,000119,59219,592

Most Minutes Logged

SchoolMinutes Logged% of Goal
Morris Brandon Elementary499,452 100% +
Sutton Middle 360,86076%
Springdale Park Elementary324,380100% +
Morningside Elementary302,900100% +
Sarah Smith Elementary29002296%
Garden Hills Elementary293,508100% +
Johns Lewis Academy263,988100% +
Miles Elementary271,549100% +
Grady High261,73565%
C.W. Long Middle250,478100% +

Most Progress

The following schools have made the most progress in the past two weeks.

SchoolMinutes Logged (in the past 2 weeks, as of April 24)% of School Goal
Garden Hills Elementary35,188100% +
Heritage Academy21,159100% +
Miles Elementary15,631100% +
Morris Brandon Elementary11,098100% +
Grady High10,10065%
Brown Middle9,45035%
South Atlanta High8,67036%
North Atlanta High8,46617%
Sutton Middle7,53176%
Kimberly Elementary7,44870%

About #APSRace2Read: Atlanta Public Schools surpassed our original 2 million minutes goal and we have raised the bar. Join APS as we Race2Read 13.1 million minutes – the equivalent of a half marathon of reading!

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