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Xanadu Power Up Program Takes Summer to the Next Level

by talkupaps

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By: Shameria Wilson

Last Wednesday at the Xanadu summer program, students spent their morning in the “Wacky World of Science,” where they partnered up with a classmate and dissected sea animals. In the afternoon, they explored their creativity by learning basic drum skills.

Thanks to the Atlanta Public Schools’ Power Up Summer Program, students of all levels, from elementary to high school, are taking their creativity and learning abilities above and beyond. Located in the Coan Building, this year’s program features a host of different summer enrichment programs for gifted students in grades K-12 throughout the district. Several of the programs include coding, wood workshop, theater, art and music classes.

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“The faculty’s goal is to make sure students are able to apply the skills they learn at Xanadu in the classroom and the outside world,” said Dr. Yolonda Cobb, assistant site administrator, about Xanadu program. “Xanadu offers students lots of creative ways to learn.”

Each year, participating students put on a musical production at the end of the camp, known as “Big Show,” for faculty and parents on the skills they have mastered over the summer.

Jasmine Gaither, Xanadu’s music teacher, and elementary students Ruth Geller and Zoe Bulloch talked about their favorite classes with excitement. “Puppet Tales,” for example, is an enrichment activity that allows students to work with friends and create imagination about fairy tales.


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