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Hope-Hill students explore science on Georgia State Bio-Bus

by talkupaps

Hope-Hill Elementary School students were thrilled when a group of Georgia State students visited with their ‘Bio-Bus’ and hosted a day of fun through science.

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Georgia State Bio-Bus visits Hope-Hill Elementary School

The Georgia State Bio-Bus is a mobile instructional laboratory that travels to K-12 schools across Georgia. Bio-Bus fellows – Georgia State students who educate K-12 students about science – facilitate all activities on the Bio-Bus, which are all hands-on and inquiry-based.

Since its inception in 1999, the Bio-Bus program has presented science experiences to more than 200,000 students with 2,500 visits to schools in 31 Georgia counties. The program is free, as the guiding philosophy behind the Bio-Bus concept is that science should be accessible to all Georgians. The Bio-Bus team seeks not only to educate students, but to show them that science can be intriguing, interesting and fun.

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Students explore the “Heart and Your Health” module

The Bio-Bus fellows introduced the Hope-Hill group to the “Heart and Your Health” module, which covered the basic anatomy and function of the mammalian heart and the circulatory system. The students also handled a preserved cow heart and learned the terms for the four chambers of the heart and the pathway the blood takes through the chambers.

Hope-Hill media specialist Paula Morris recognized the benefit of the Bio-Bus activities.

“In all, this was a great experience for the students of Hope-Hill, and one they won’t soon forget.”

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