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West End Academy: A place at the table

by talkupaps

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Atlanta Public Schools partners with Communities-In Schools of Atlanta to operate the West End Academy Performance Learning Center. West End Academy is designed to serve over 150 eligible eleventh and twelfth graders attending any of the APS high schools. West End Academy provides  a non-traditional program that addresses the needs of at risk students, who may or may not be succeeding in the regular school environment. At West End students have access to individualized virtual learning that allows them to work at their own pace.

Recently, West End Academy’s Principal, Dr. Evelyn Mobley, hosted “A Place at the Table” at the school. The purpose of the session was to gather colleagues,  stakeholders, partners, mentors, and support staff to discuss the work, collaboration,  capacity building, instructional amenities, and  system support offered at the  West End Academy.

During the meeting, community partners and West End supporters had a meeting of the minds and participated in authentic engagement to enhance support and success for all students. This meeting allowed leaders to plan and discuss strategies for the wonderful students of West End Academy and Atlanta Public Schools.

 Dr. Mobley also discussed the school’s mission, core beliefs, and commitment to the community and highlighted some of the transformative growth and learning occurring at West End.

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