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Carmen Agra Deedy Reads to Morningside

by talkupaps

Carmen Agra Deedy, an internationally recognized, award-winning author of children’s literature and storyteller, made a special visit to Morningside Elementary. She shared her insights behind storytelling, read her exclusive new book, and told an interactive, engaging story to the children.

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Carmen captivated the children with her liveliness, excitement, and animation. They were full of laughter as they followed her hand gestures and repeated her sound effects. Carmen revealed the novels that she is currently working on, and read a segment of her new novel that is not yet published. The novel is based on World War II, and the context was very timely as the older children recently studied World War I. The children loved her new book and begged her to read more.

“I thought her story was really funny, and I learned that even if you’re not the smartest, you can still help people,” says Luisa Lieberman, 1st grader.

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“Today is the kind of day that makes me thankful that I don’t have any other job in the world. I am actually sick today and sometimes situations aren’t always perfect, but when you’re doing what you love, your worst day can still be your best day. It was really fun to share my new book with these kids.” – Carmen Agra Deedy

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