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Atlanta Public Schools Students Celebrate Black History Month

by talkupaps

Below are highlights of how some of our APS schools and students celebrated Black History Month!

Beecher Hills Elementary students created a “Living Wax Museum” in the school media center where they portrayed famous African Americans from the present and past.  Parents and community members were invited to tour the museum throughout the day.

Beecher students strike a pose as wax figures in their Live Wax Museum

D.H. Stanton partnered with the City of Atlanta’s Public Works Department to educate students on the two most notable contributions of Garrett Morgan—the traffic light and the gas mask. A life-sized traffic light and pedestrian crossing signal were posted in the media center, and local firefighters provided a demonstration of how the gas mask and breathing apparatus are used to protect firefighters during fires.
Scott Elementary students celebrated Black History Month by creating an African American Quilt; decorating school walls with Footprints in Time—paper footprints with the names and contributions of students’ favorite African Americans written on them; a special luncheon featuring traditional African American foods on the menu; and a Black History Month program featuring the “Langston Hughes Poets,” and student portrayals of the Tuskegee Airmen and the Little Rock Nine.

Burgess Peterson Academy took their gardening lessons one step further with a skit about Benjamin Banneker! Students will perform a special encore presentation during the school’s next PTA meeting.

Banneker was a famous free African American astronomer, mathematician and farmer.

Parkside Elementary students participated in the Black History Quiz-Bowl where 5th graders took to the stage as contestants while students in the audience used ActiVotes from Promethean to provide “lifelines” and help contestants choose correct answers.

Principals at the D.M. Therrell Educational Complex honored Dr. Joseph Lowery at the schools’ auditorium dedication ceremony. The facility will be called the Dr. Joeseph E. Lowery Auditorium. The civil rights legend addressed Therrell students with words of encouragement during his acceptance speech.

Dr. Joseph Lowery with students at Therrell High School

How did your school celebrate Black History Month? Leave a comment below and we will add your story and photos to this blog post.


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