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Morningside Elementary gets the Clinton touch with wellness award

by talkupaps

In September we reported on how proud we were of Morningside Elementary being given a bronze National Recognition Award from the Alliance for a Healther Generation — along with fellow APS member Burgess-Peterson Academy. (Check out that announcement here.)

Now we’ve got the letter from an ex-president to prove it! The staff at Morningside was kind enough share the congratulations letter from former President Bill Clinton. The Alliance is a partnership between the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, and he was high in his praise of the school:

This accomplishment reflects a high level of commitment to creating a healthier school environment and a huge amount of work on your part. I am gratified to know that people in your community are making such great strides toward fostering student and staff health. As I am sure you know the Healthy Schools Program has set rigorous standards for recognition, and by earning this award, your school has become a leader in a critical endeavor.


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