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Giving Back Never Looked So Fly

by Allison M. Slocum

The sound of children’s voices could be heard chanting and singing throughout the hallway at L.P. Miles Elementary School (LPMES) as several first grade classes greeted comedian and internet personality DC Young Fly.

From the moment he arrived, his energy induced immediate smiles and laughter from the faces of students who were eager to meet him. A sentiment that was sincerely reciprocated as he shared encouraging words to let them know that they come from the same neighborhood.

“I look just like you and I made it somewhere,” said DC Young Fly. “I stayed focused. Don’t ever let anyone say you can’t be something. There’s nothing but diamonds on this side of town. I love y’all First Graders!”

DC Young Fly matriculated through Atlanta Public Schools, attending G.A. Townes Elementary in his youth, a school that stands minutes away from LPMES. It was this connection and a heartfelt request from first grade educator, Roselyn Antwi, that was the catalyst for his desire to speak to the students.

“I’m from this side of town,” said DC Young Fly. “Knowing that they can see somebody that they admire come back is just inspirational. It gives them a sense of someone they can relate to, and it doesn’t take much to give some motivational words and make sure the kids are on the right path.”

Antwi understood this wholeheartedly, so when she unexpectedly saw DC Young Fly one day she didn’t hesitate to extend an invitation, knowing her students admired him.

In similar fashion, Thalise Perry, LPMES principal, knew a visit from the comedian would have a significant impact on the students.

“He is doing so well,” shared Perry. “We wanted him to show the students that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Additionally, DC Young Fly also spoke to the LPMES fifth graders, offering encouraging words regarding their upcoming transition to middle school.

“Knowing that you can graduate from elementary school and go to middle school is a big step. It’s a step of elevation,” said DC Young Fly. “Learn how to love reading and find ways to love the things you don’t like doing, because those are often the things you find yourself having to do later in life.”

Before departing, the Wild N’ Out star, took the time to address a special group of LPMES fifth graders to recognize them for their exemplary scholastic achievement. Expressing his heartfelt pride for their diligence, he congratulated them with the gift of iPads, to which their reaction expressed pure joy.

Student Khloie Lawson was wearing an extra wide smile and cradling her new tablet as DC Young Fly presented her with an additional gift of a MacBook Pro, recognizing her creativity and artistic talent.

As she and her fellow classmates gleamed with happiness, the overall feeling in the room was that of gratitude and wonderment.

An impression that was shared by all the students DC Young Fly encountered that day. The inspiring words he imparted and the time he spent to truly connect with them are sure to be memories both the comedian and students will never forget.

Click the image above to view the video recap of DC Young Fly’s visit to L.P. Miles Elementary School. Please Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share our YouTube channel to stay up to date on everything APS!

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