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Harper Archer Middle School Observes Pi Day with a very special celebration

by talkupaps

By: Belita Hamilton, Instructional Math Coach at Harper Archer M.S.


20150313_104108 (2)

Harper Archer Middle School Celebrated National Pi Day on March 13, 2015.           All students in every math class were highly engaged in activities from building the longest chain link that represented the digits in Pi, a scavenger hunt inside the classroom, and Pi memorization.  Ms. Jordan’s 6th grade math students even created a rap that represented Pi Day!

20150313_162928 (1) (2)Unity was displayed throughout the building as math teachers, administrators, and other core teachers wore their “PI Irrational but Well Rounded” T-shirts.

Students who won their grade level Pi Memorization contest were rewarded for memorizing at least the first 50 digits in Pi. The overall school winner is Jayda Ward from Ms. Kendrick’s class.  The winners for their grade level received a Pi Day t-shirt, Wal-Mart Gift card, Subway Gift Card and a wings party.

20150313_135022 (4)

Classes that participated in the chain link activity constructed links and each color in the link represented the digits in Pi. The grade level winners of the chain link contest are Ms. Moore-6th grade, Mrs. Kennedy-7th grade, Mr. Brown-7th grade, and Ms. Allen- 8th grade. Winners from these classes were treated with donuts.

Teachers went the extra mile to make the learning fun for all students. Ms. Kendrick’s class was filled with scavenger hunt activities along with pizza, donuts, and other circular treats for students to enjoy. She was joined by other teachers who brought a variety of pies for their students to taste.

Harper-Archer was happy to celebrate this very special Pi-Day as the next one will not be until March 14, 2115.


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