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Re-test registration now open for Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) and Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT)

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Re-test registration is now open for former APS students eligible for the exam.  All students who are no longer APS students and wish to take the GHSGT retest are required to register. Walk ins are no longer allowed.

Who is eligible to take a re-test of the GHSGT or GHSWT? Any student currently enrolled in Atlanta Public Schools who has previously failed to meet the standard in at least one area of the GHSGT or GHSWT is eligible to take the retest. Students who have exited APS with a Certificate of Performance or a Special Education Diploma are also eligible to take re-tests of the GHSGT or GHSWT.

Who must register to take a re-test administration of the GHSGT or GHSWT? If you are no longer enrolled as a student in Atlanta Public Schools, you are expected to register. If you are currently enrolled as a student of APS, you do not have to register.

When are the GHSGT and GHSWT administered?   See the assessment schedules below. Please call the school for test administration times.

Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT)

 English/LA   9/9   11/4   3/24   7/14
 Mathematics   9/10   11/5   3/25   7/15
 Social Studies   9/11   11/6   3/26   7/17
 Science   9/12   11/7   3/27   7/18

Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT)

Writing   9/25   9/26   7/16

Where do I report for testing? For all test administration that take place during the school year, you are to report to the high school where you are currently enrolled or where you previously exited. Please see the list of schools on the last page of this document.

How long does testing take? You are expected to complete the English/LA and Math test in 60 minutes and the Science and Social Studies tests in 90 minutes. However, you are allowed up to 3 hours to complete each of these tests if needed. You are allowed 100 minutes to complete the Writing test. Of course, you should add up to 30 minutes to each of these test times to allow for completion of answer documents and receiving directions.

What should I bring with me to the testing site? Anyone not currently enrolled in APS should be prepared to present official picture identification (Driver’s License, State ID or Picture ID). Those taking the Science or Math portions of the GHSGT may bring a basic 4 function calculator. Everyone should bring at least two #2 pencils.

How do I register? Complete the GHSGT and GHSWT Registration Form (link below) and return it to one of the high schools. Please see the list of schools on the last page of this document.

About Testing and Assessments in Atlanta Public Schools
The Atlanta Public Schools’ Testing and Assessment Program supports students’ teaching and learning by measuring achievement of the state-mandated curriculum and sharing results with students, teachers, and administrators in order to identify successes and areas for improvement. Testing and Assessment in APS includes state and national summative assessments as well as interim formative and diagnostic tests. The assessment of student learning provides a basis for promoting student achievement, institutional effectiveness, and the continuous improvement of student support.

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