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The South Metro Scholastic Fund’s Pete’s Promise Scholarship at Dobbs

by talkupaps

DobbsPetesPromisescholarship052213DobbsSouthMetroFundPete'sPromise052213Pete’s Promise Scholarship
Pete’s Promise Scholarship in partnership with the South Metro Scholastic Fund is for the kindergarten and fifth grade class of 2012-2013 from Dobbs Elementary. The scholarship has been provided for those students who will meet the criteria listed below and more importantly will focus their efforts and energies on becoming an agent of change. The scholarship candidates are part of a world community that is shifting on a daily basis and their charge as they move through their educational journey is to take part in making their community, city, state, country, world better than its current status.
Pete’s Promise is made to the all kindergarten and fifth grade students attending Dobbs Elementary for the 2012-2013 school year who meet the following criteria:

  •  Maintain a 3.0 GPA from Sixth (6th) through their first year in a college/university/technical school.
  • Attend a mentor meeting twice a year with Pete Settelmayer (Pete’s Promise) and Sharon Pierre (South Metro Scholastic Fund).
  • Graduate High School by 2020 (fifth grade) and 2025 (kindergarten).
  • Complete one full-year of either college/university/technical/trade school while maintaining a 3.0 GPA.
  • At the age of sixteen (16) scholarship candidate must be enrolled in a service organization or participate regularly (once a year) in service activities. Service Activities would include but are not limited to work in community food banks, student to student mentoring, community improvement organizations, social action groups, etc…
  • Candidates and parent/guardians are responsible for updating contact information.

Pete’s promise will make monthly monetary contributions to the scholarship fund as well as hold an annual fund drive. All the proceeds raised between 2013 through the candidates first year of college/university/technical or trade school will be divided amongst the candidates successfully meeting all of the above criteria.

This is a worthwhile and wonderful opportunity for students at Dobbs! Thank you to Peter Settelmayer, Sharon Pierre and the South Atlanta Metro Scholastic Fund!

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