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The Sixth Annual L.J. Price High School Alumni Breakfast

by talkupaps

L.J. Price High School Alumni Founder and President Anthony Love (Price High School Class of 1963) honoring original Price High School Faculty Educator Mr. Albert Z. Holloway, Sr.


Luther Judson Price High School first opened its doors in 1954 as the fifth African – American High School in Atlanta Public Schools.  Price High was known for an outstanding education provided by dedicated teachers and administrators.  Price was also known for its athletic prowess as well as its academic scholars.  Throughout its long history Price High School has graduated many wonderful individuals who have gone on to be productive citizens in the world. In May of 1987, Luther Judson Price High School graduated its final class but the legacy of Luther Judson Price High School live on today.


David Lowe(Price High School Class of 1963), Lisa Haygood(Price High School Class of 1985), Richard Lowe(Price High School Class of 1963)

The L. J. Price High Alumni Athletes was formed on June 10, 2006 with seven (7) people in attendance. Although the name “Alumni Athletes” was initially used for this dynamic group, membership is and always was open to all extra-curricular activities participants (band members, majorettes, cheerleaders, chorus members, etc.,) former coaches, teachers and administrative staff members of L. J. Price High School.

On March 8, 2008, The Luther Judson Price High School Alumni Athletes/Alumni hosted the first Annual Alumni Breakfast at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, Georgia.  The Annual Alumni Breakfast is a way to promote brotherhood/sisterhood, fellowship and the camaraderie among former athletes, extra-curricular activities participants (band, mix chorus, orchestra, boys/girls choirs, etc.), coaches, teachers and Administration Staff of L. J. Price High School.  The Alumni Breakfast is also our largest fund raising event and helps allow us to provide a working relationship with and give assistance to L. J. Price Middle School and our Partnering High Schools that includes mentors, tutors and financial contributions.  We have established a Scholarship Program with scholarships being awarded to qualifying students at our Annual Alumni Breakfast.



On April 20, 2013, the Sixth Annual L.J. Price Alumni Breakfast was held in College Park, GA.  The classes of 1963, 1973 and 1983 were the honored classes this year.  The Price Alumni honored five current middle school students and five former Price Middle School students now planning to begin college.  Each college bound student will receive a $1750 scholarship to use for their first year and the current middle school students will receive a $50.00 award.

The program always includes the Crimson Award that this year honored 1967 former Price High School graduate and Price High School teacher Mr. Basil Hall.  Ms. Dorothy Ann Turnispeed was the guest speaker from the class of 1963.

The traditional end of the Alumni Breakfast includes the singing of the School Song:

Dear ole Price Thy name we’ll sing.

To thee our voices raise, we’ll raise.

To thee our anthems ring, in everlasting praise.

And though on life’s broad sea,

Our fate may for us bear.

We’ll ever turn to thee,

Our Luther Judson Price, we’ll ever turn to thee,

Our Luther Judson Price.


It is truly a sight to see. Four ballrooms full of people dressed in red and white standing to sing their old school song some after more than fifty years after graduating.  The legacy of Luther Judson Price High School is still going strong.

Information from the L. J. Price High School Athletic Alumni Association website was used for this article.  For more information you can visit:


written by Tammy Rosado, Media Specialist at Price Middle School

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