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Student Spotlight of the Week

by talkupaps

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 12.21.53 PMName: Bianca McCrary

Grade: 8th Grade

School: Coan Middle

Bianca is a cheerful 8th grader who loves to share her talent in music. She started learning violin in 3rd grade, and has been inseparable with her instrument ever since. “I love playing the violin because it helps me express my emotions, relieves stress, and helps people understand me and how I feel musically,” Bianca says.  In her spare time, she enjoys performing at the senior citizen home and uplifting others with cheerful melodies.

She is a violinist in Coan’s string orchestra, and performed a duet at Coan Middle’s Fine Arts Festival. She is thankful to Ms.Bridgette Yancy, Coan’s Orchestra Teacher, and Ms. Catherine Price, Teaching Artist from Atlanta Music Project, for their guidance in her progress and techniques. “They are fantastic teachers and will always encourage you to play to the best of your ability,” Bianca says.

Bianca is a motivated student who makes all A’s and B’s in school. She is part of the Junior National beta Club, and is applying for the IB program at Jackson High School. Bianca also volunteers at a local nursery by reading to the children. Her dream is to become a pediatrician when she grows up, so she can work with kids and improve their health. “They love it when I come and read to them, and I want to start my own pediatric clinic in the future,” she says. Overall, Bianca is a talented and uplifting role model for children as well as her peers, and a positive influence to everyone around her.

Name: Jenny Nguyenjn

Grade: 8th Grade

School: Brown Middle School

A highly motivated and intelligent young lady, Jenny Nguyen, is an engaging member of the Brown Middle School Gifted & Talented Academy. In her second year at Brown, Jenny strives for excellence in all her classes.  She continues to earn all A’s and has been recognized on the Principal’s List.

It is obvious that education is extremely important to Jenny. A fervent reader, Jenny is often found with the latest fantasy novel or anything that peaks her interest. In fact she has been known to read as many as three books at a time or a novel in a single day. After high school, Jenny plans to attend college and major in medicine.  She wants to pursue a career as a neonatal specialist because she enjoys taking care of babies. Her role models are her parents and her brother.

Jenny’s other passion aside from reading is folding origami. She is quite skilled and can make boxes, flowers, and stars.

This year, Jenny was selected to participate in a Saturday program at Spelman College. She had the opportunity to visit science and technology classes and learn about magnetism. She worked with a group to program a robot. As a member of the BMS Honor Band, Jenny plays the clarinet. She enjoys playing at school events including the basketball games, BMS Winter Program, this month’s Black History Program and an upcoming special performance at the State Capitol.

Jenny contributes to the community as a member of the BMS Notty Blanket Club, a service project which makes blankets for the homeless. Jenny is an amazingly well-rounded young lady, and her dedication to academics is inspiring. She is eager to help her classmates with difficult concepts and is always a team player. Jenny’s teachers are confident that she will be successful in all her endeavors.

Name: Anthony JohnsonSlater_AJohnsonAPSStudentSpotlight2

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Slater Elementary School

On any given day you can walk into Slater Elementary School and ask about Anthony Johnson. Teachers’ eyes begin to beam, smiles start to form, and a multitude of positive praises flow from their mouths. Anthony is phenomenal fourth grade student at Slater. He is a member of the National Honors Society, a manager of the SunTrust Youth Bank, and one of the highest performing students in the city. In 2012, Anthony exceeded in all subjects on the 3rd grade CRCT. He scored above a 900 in four of the five subject areas. His math score was only one question away from being perfect.

Despite his community and environment, Anthony stays focused. Anthony’s homeroom teacher Ms. Mailloux stated, “Anthony is always very focused and optimistic about his learning. Anthony is very helpful with other students during the school day. He is always willing to tutor his peers when needed. Everything that Anthony does is above and beyond.”

Anthony’s helpful ways do not stop in the classroom. Anthony frequently volunteers with his church’s recreation league and he mows his neighbors’ yards without asking for a dime.

“Anthony is a diligent worker and a leader within the classroom. He is a person that never gives up. He always makes sure that he uses his critical thinking skills within the classroom. He is creative and innovative. He cares about his community and he shows this by volunteering with his church,” says Mr. Gusta, a teacher at Slater and the advisor of the National Honors Society.

Anthony has abounding aspirations for his future. He plans to attend the prestigious Harvard University after graduating high school. He is enthusiastic about studying political science at Harvard. He will one day work with the Democratic Party and aspires to be the President of the United States.

“It is every teacher’s  desire to have a student in the classroom just like Anthony,” says Mrs. Bowden, Anthony’s 3rd grade teacher.  “I have no doubt that Anthony will be successful in his future endeavors. Anthony never complains. No task is ever out of his range. He thrives from competition, but he is selfless in his attempt to motivate other students to elevate their thinking.”

Anthony is well-rounded as well. He enjoys playing sports when he isn’t working on his studies or volunteering. Baseball and basketball are some of his favorite athletic activities.

“I recognized Anthony’s future potential when he was a second grade student in my reading class. His stoic demeanor, unstoppable drive, and loving personality are all ingredients in his recipe for success. He is one special child and everyone that encounters him knows it,” praises Slater Elementary teacher Ms. Fick.

Anthony Johnson will certainly be an Atlanta Public School success story in the future. Plan to see Anthony’s name on your ballot in the future.

written by Tiffany Fick, Educator at Slater Elementary 

Name: Nolan EdmondsNolan Edmonds 2_Sutton Student Spotlight

School:  Sutton Middle School

Grade:  7th

Seventh-grader Nolan Edmonds has been honing his skills on the gridiron since he was six-years-old.  Finally last month, after six years of hard work, grit and perseverance on the field, the Sutton Middle School running back and defensive back earned the opportunity to showcase his amazing athleticism to the nation —  and he did it at the world-famous Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Nolan was selected to join an elite group of youth football players in Georgia who represented the state and their schools in the only event of its kind: the Football University (FBU )National Championship, an event many describe as “March Madness meets the Little League World Series.”  During the championship 64 teams from the U.S. and Canada represent their states or provinces, and compete in a single-elimination tournament to earn the most prestigious title in youth football – National Champion.

The All-American Games (AAG) created FBU’s 40-state National Championship to allow America’s top seventh and eighth-grade players to compete against each other, and according to the organization, the opportunity prepares athletes for optimal performance on the football field.

Nygel, Nolan’s older brother, played on the seventh and eighth-grade FBU All- American teams, and Nolan was all too excited to follow in his brother’s footsteps. On January 6 Nolan played with the Eastbay All-American team in the All-American Bowl in San Antonio.  Nolan’s spectacular performance contributed to the team’s 40-7 win.

But Nolan’s talents extend beyond his footwork on the football field, and he is far from the stereotypical jock.  The 5’5”, 140 lb. athlete also excels at track and field. Nolan was named team captain when he played in the All-American bowl  because of his performance and  his stellar leadership on the field.  And his performance in the classroom is equally strong.  As an honor roll student, he has a long history of making ‘As’, he enjoys reading and drawing and he is an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). And somehow the seventh-grader still finds time to give back to the community by volunteering at MUST Ministries, a food and clothing bank.

Nolan Edmonds has all the characteristics of true superstar, and readers should take time to remember his name.   Chances are, we’ll be hearing it a lot  .


Shaunda Edmonds 2 Mar 2013 - 9:47 pm

Way to go, Nolan! Keep up the good work on the field, the track and in the classroom. You’re one of a kind.

Destiny 28 Feb 2013 - 9:40 pm

Keep Up The Good Work Bianca McCrary!!

Jasmaine Tinsley 28 Feb 2013 - 7:37 pm

Excellent job Jenny. You are my best friend and I commend you for your excellence at Brown.

Gwen 26 Feb 2013 - 6:16 pm

Keep up the good work Anthony.


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