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SEED Academy and Fun Lab – Ready, Set, Dissect!

by talkupaps

Article 3Students at M. Agnes Jones Elementary recently had the opportunity to learn about science through fun and engaging methods as a part of the SEED Academy. The SEED Academy, led by 5th grade teacher and academy administrator, Ms. Veronica Wilson, is an after school program that aligns with Common Core and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards to enhance knowledge in the use of technology and science.  The program is designed to increase student proficiency in the use and operation of technology through the integration of reading, science, and math standards.

 Ms. Wilson, along with Spelman Bonner Scholars, implemented “Fun Labs” where students participate in fun, but educational projects in a lab setting. During this month’s lab, the students were asked to identify the organs in the fetal pig and compare them to human organs. They were asked the essential question of how pigs and human organs are alike and discussed the different organs that humans have, while also explaining the functions of these organs.  Students then predicted what organs they would find in a fetal pig. Article 2

Under the supervision of Ms. Wilson, Breagan Ricks and other Spelman volunteers, the students dissected a real fetal pig. The students listened intently to directions to correctly dissect the pig, and they followed the scientific method and recorded their observations.  The project was a huge success!

 Special thanks to Ms. Wilson and the Bonner Scholars, led by Ms. Breagan Ricks, for another amazing and successful program!

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