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Hornet’s Boutique at the South Atlanta Educational Complex

by talkupaps

Mrs. Cheryl McLaurin is a social worker and founder of the Hornet’s Boutique at the South Atlanta Educational Complex. Mrs. McLaurin started the Hornet’s Boutique to improve student attendance by providing a incentive program for students to earn the opportunity to shop for school uniforms, professional attire, special occasion wear, accessories, school supplies and other gifts for themselves and their family members.

The Hornet‘s Boutique was born from a problem solving discussion about students’ lack of uniforms and professional attire. Mrs. McLaurin met several times with the Social Security Administration to plan several clothing drives for uniforms and professional attire for the students. She solicited the JROTC Department at her school, the J.C. Penney Outlet to donate discarded clothing racks and Macy’s to donate hangers for the clothing. She then acquired furniture from the APS warehouse that could be used to display items.

The store’s designer and general manager is Ms. Jessica Steele, a Spanish teacher in the School of Law and Justice and Mrs. Cami Hunt and her MOID/MID class stocks the merchandise. Mrs. McLaurin completes the debit cards that reflect the student’s earnings from their attendance and schedules the store visits. The students in Mrs. Hunt’s class also assist as sales associates when students shop at the Hornet’s Boutique.

School staff, other APS personnel, private individuals, local businesses, civic groups and private businesses donate the merchandise found in the Hornet’s Boutique. Merchandise includes gently used men’s, women and children’s clothing, accessories, household items, school supplies, toiletries, shoes, books, umbrellas, luggage and toys. 

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