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Student Spotlight of the Week

by talkupaps

Name: Trevion Thomaston 

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Continental Colony Elementary 

Trevion is a 4th grade student at Continental Colony Elementary School of C. H.O.I.C.E. He enjoys playing football and basketball with his friends after school. He also enjoys creating presentations and being challenged. Trevion’s favorite subjects are math and science because he enjoys subjects that allow him to conduct extensive research and think critically.

“Trevion is a very exceptional student,” says Angela Barnes, Trevion’s teacher.  “He always pushes himself to excel in anything he sets out to do.”

At the beginning of the year Trevion and his teacher set a goal for him to have straight A’s by the end of the 1st nine weeks. Each afternoon, while preparing for dismissal, Trevion would always have his book open as he read a passage or started his homework.  Not only did Trevion accomplish his goal, but he exceeded it by making Principal’s List and joining the Glee Club. He was also nominated to run for an SGA office at his school.

Trevion’s teachers also describe him as a self-motivator, and his motivation is contagious. Trevion encourages his classmates to work hard, and he cheers when someone is successful.

“He is full of life,” Ms. Barnes explains. “He loves to make others happy, he is very helpful, he enjoys learning, but most importantly he likes to share his knowledge with others.”

Name: Nikhel Krishna

Grade: 4th Grade

School: Springdale Park Elementary

How many 4th graders know how to create a website? Nikhel not only knows how, but is an International award-winner for his talent. His website submission passed the APS Student Media Festival, went onto the Georgia Student Media Festival, and won at the International Student Media Festival (ISMF) for Excellence in Media Production and Judges’ Favorite. The site was originally created for his Composer project in Music class, where he chose to focus on Reinhold Gliere, because his teacher said it would be a challenge.

“I had a lot of fun with it,” says Nikhel. “I’m happy about the award, but I’m happier about my website because it makes me feel really accomplished.” Nikhel created the website through Google, with a little support from his parents. He will have the honor of presenting his project at the Festival in Louisville, KY in the beginning of November. His goal is to be a computer programmer like his father, and prefers to work for Apple because he likes their products and designs.

Apart from his recent achievement, Nikhel is a challenge student who excels in all of his subjects. He enjoys learning new things, and math is his favorite subject. His hobbies include baseball, soccer, and traveling to India. With a bright mind, strong skillset, studious habits, and a great smile, Nikhel Krishna is a winner in every way!
Click to view Nikhel’s website.

Name: Stephanie Ngaujah

Grade: 5th Grade

School: Hutchinson Elementary

Stephanie is a spry aspiring writer and singer. She has written a play called “The Living Color” and she is preparing to have it performed at her school. She enjoys writing dramas and sometimes likes writing comedies. She has been inspired by the Broadway hit musical “Fela!” which chronicles the life and music of Nigerian Afropop superstar Fela Kuti. Stephanie is also a singer and her favorite artists are Christina Aguilera and Adele. Her favorite subject in school is social studies as it gives her perspective on past events and how they relate to the present. Stephanie spends a good amount of time reading and writing and wants to be an attorney in the future. “I want to be a lawyer because I like helping people,” says Stephanie.

“There’s so much to be said about Stephanie. One of the things I noticed about her is her persistence. She wanted to make an appointment with me on several occasions because of her desire to start a drama club. After meeting with her, Stephanie did all the legwork to make the drama club happen. She had her team of children that wanted to be in the drama club, her efforts and leadership excite me. She wants to be a lawyer and I can see Stephanie being anything she wants to be and with her persistence, she will be a great lawyer,” says Principal Shuanta Broadway.  “Stephanie shines. It is not enough for her just to be good. She has to be the best at whatever she decides to do. Stephanie loves the show ‘Glee’ and she is like the main character Rachel on that show. Just the epitome of drive, perfection and wanting to be the best singer-student we have here at Hutchinson,“ says Cassell Gray, general music teacher.

“She goes above and beyond,” exclaims Mr. Gray. “It’s a blessing to have a student like her. The writing and musical caliber that she carries, it’s an honor for me to be her teacher.”

Name: Kamal Hughes 

Grade: 9th Grade

School: B.E.S.T. Academy High School

To say that Kamal Hughes is smart would be a gross understatement.    The B.E.S.T. Academy freshman is enrolled in all honors classes, including AP biology—a class generally reserved for upper-classmen, and throughout his academic career his report cards have only featured the letter ‘A.’

Furthermore, the profound depth of his thoughts and his sheer knowledge of human nature, how the world works, and all things academic give the ninth grader an air of being wise beyond his years.

Kamal, an aspiring pediatrician, attributes a portion of his brilliance to genetics and a portion to hard work.  Surprisingly, however, he attributes most of it to his excellent memory.

“It’s more memory than anything,”  Kamal says. “Memory is the foundation.”

“I remember what I read and what I hear and see in class.  I remember the explanations and examples from the book, then I figure out how to work out a problem.  After that, I just remember the process and repeat it on tests.

“Whenever I first learn something–a person’s name, a definition, anything–I make a conscience effort to tell myself whether or not it’s something I need to remember.  I believe most people can do the same thing if they really try; if you can remember rap songs and sports stats, you can remember something from class.”

What is the hardest class Kamal has ever taken?

“AP Biology,” he replies, interrupting before the full question is asked.

“Let’s just get that out of the way,” he says with a sly smile.   “It- is- hard.”

Kamal’s AP Biology teacher, LaShonda Parker, believes that in addition to the intensity and rigor of the class, the class is challenging for Kamal because he skipped ninth grade biology and moved right into AP biology.  But according to Parker, students like Kamal learn very quickly without missing a beat.

“Kamal works very hard, and it shows in his grades,” says Parker.  “He has the second highest average in the class–a 94,” she adds.

Kamal’s thirst for knowledge continues to impresses Parker.

“He likes to know why things work the way they do, and once he discovers the answer, he always wants to know more,” she says.

She adds that Kamal’s constant quest for answers and solutions has left him with a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share.  Consequently, Parker allows Kamal to assist in teaching the AP Biology class.

Of course, all work and no play would make Kamal something close to an actual scientist, and not a teenager.  So in his spare time he plays basketball, football and video games.  And since he is very active on social media, he is quick to invite anyone interested in learning more about him to follow him on Twitter.

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