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Parental Engagement Achieved During First Live Tweet

by talkupaps

As feedback comes in from our parents and community members in the Twitter-verse, one blog posting in particular caught our eye this week:

Tonight while I was waiting for the bathtub to finish filling so I could give my 5-year-old his bath, I pulled out my phone to check Twitter. There was a huge rush of Tweets from @apsupdate, Twitter account for the Atlanta Public School system, which my kids attend.  I saw someone answering questions about APS, and scrolled down to see this tweet:

@apsupdate: Have a question for our superintendent candidates? Tweet them now. #aps

OK, sure–why not?  I replied:

@apsupdate What can APS do to address cyber bullying, and should schools get involved in online behavior that happens off school grounds?

I got a tweet thanking me for the question. After bath, I checked back. I got these replies…..

CONTINUE READING this powerful post written by APS parent Amy Bruckman, who felt engaged in a new and exciting way during our first live tweet of an APS event.  This is a portion of our response to Ms. Bruckman:

….Last night you were just as “in the room” as any person sitting in the audience. In fact, you were even more engaged than some, because your question was asked, heard and answered by one of our candidates. Thank you for giving our live tweet a chance and thank you for participating. Every single child and parent/caretaker matters in APS. Each of us has a valuable voice. “See” you at the next live tweet!

APS looks forward to continuing to engage our parents via social media channels.  Take time to visit our website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel to learn more about the stellar work being performed by our students, staff and parents.

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